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 Monday, 22 November 2010

The National Telecommunications Corporation (CNT EP), pursuant to the provisions of the Law Amending the Law of the Elderly and in accordance with the mandate embedded in the Constitution of Ecuador, benefits more than 18,000 users of older by applying an exemption of 50% in the basic  rent of telephone service and the implementation of special modules for care and recovery.
Users should approach the Internal Revenue Service, IRS, to apply this exemption and according the  information provided by the regulatory body of citizens, they can determine who qualifies to be exempt and not pay the VAT; in addition to the reduction of consumption by 50% in the basic rent directly.
Preferential treatment

Integrated Services Centers, CIS, have physical space to care for the elderly in a comfortable and appropriate place. If it is not feasible to go personally to do some processing of requests for products or services of the CNT, authorize in writing to a relative.

It should be noted that in case of death of the user,
the privileges gained on the telephone line are automatically lost . To be reinstated, it must make the appropriate assignment of rights in the event that the new user is elderly, and the process begins again.

Thus, the Ministry of Telecommunications through the CNT EP complies with national government policies and the development of the good life of citizens, seeking to provide more and better telecommunications and connectivity services throughout the country, backed a solid technology platform.


(Source: Mintel – Ecuador)

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