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 Monday, 01 November 2010
On 21 October, was held the first meeting of the ICT Plan for Public Safety, as part of the Implementation of the Strategy: Ecuador Digital, by the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Society (Mintel).

Participants who attended the meeting, the Plan Committee members, representing the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Society were: Mr. Hugo Gonzalez, manager of the ICT Plan for Public Safety; Ec. Julia Rodriguez, director of Online Government, Mr. Alonso Llanos, Director of Broadcasting, Mr. Carlos Freire and Carlos Fernandez as
staff members. Also, as a member of the National Planning Secretariat (Senplades) attended the meeting Bolivar Quishpe.

In this meeting, the participants reviewed the methodology to use to enter the Policies, Programs and Projects of the Plan in question, which aims to improve the level of public safety through the use of Information and Communication Technologies, in line with what is stipulated in the National Plan of Good Living. For the Government is important to coordinate actions to strengthen policies for the provision of connectivity, equipment, and digital content readiness.

(Source: Mintel)
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