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 Monday, 27 September 2010

Telenor Serbia Foundation, founded by Telenor Serbia in March 2007, continues to resolve targeted social and educational problems that Serbian society faces. The Telenor Foundation mainly focuses on youth, their education and professional advancement, socially vulnerable groups and the development of cultural production and the art market.

Its “Internet for all Project” aims to promote and increase the Internet use among its citizens. Serbia is lagging behind developed European countries in Internet use. Only 32 percent of the population in Serbia uses the Internet, which is significantly lower than the European average of 49 percent. The majority of the Serbian students do not have access to Internet at home, some of them not even to computers. The “Internet for all project“ has the main goal of providing unlimited access to the Internet for a period of one year to students.

Telenor Serbia also supports an information center for people with disabilities by providing a free telephone line, Internet access and technical support. By calling toll-free, users get information and advice from experts in a number of areas including law, education, social and health related matters, and other relevant issues of particular importance to this group. At the same time, user suggestions are directed to specialized institutions and organizations.

Telenor has also partnered with the Ministry of Health and UNICEF to promote a more efficient and better-quality health support to Roma families in Serbia.The project was kicked-off with a one-day training course for Roma healthcare mediators by providing technical equipment and solutions from Telenor. A special tariff package and mobile phone will enable the mediators to call each other free of charge and inform the families they are assisting. At the same time, they were given laptops with special software which will make it possible to more efficiently report to and communicate with the institutions. 60 mediators in 50 towns in Serbia are taking part in this project. Mediators are Roma women and mothers with completed elementary education. For them this project is an opportunity to find employment.

From the start of the project in 2008 the mediators have made 56,178 visits and recorded 102,661 Roma for the project purposes. “Apart from recording the Roma settlements, we have provided personal identification documents and medical care cards for 5,677 persons, vaccinated 4,800 children, controlled 1,672 pregnant women and expecting mothers“, says Dubravka Šaranović, senior adviser in the Ministry of Health. 

(Sources: Telenor Serbia Foundation)

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