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 Friday, 17 September 2010

For the first time, future teachers who attend the main teacher training institutes in the country, will be provided with material that will enable them to integrate new information and communication technologies (ICT) to the pedagogical dynamics.
"Connected with ICT" is one of the projects under the program "sentidos conectados", sponsored by Telecom and developed by "La Fabbrica" (international agency of communication , education and marketing), offers to teachers a variety of teaching and learning situations with ICT mediation. These projects, case studies, testimonials, and examples of teaching sequences using software to perform multimedia productions, which provide a range of proposals in the line with the conceptual development and analysis of scenarios of use of ICT.
This new material includes specific tools for future educators to enrich the main themes and activities in the classroom, and adds to "Senti2 Conecta2" and "" which have already been distributed to over
6,000 schools between 2008 and 2010.

The virtual space of "Connected with ICT" ( offers a permanent teaching assistance and blogs to share experiences. It also gives the possibility of virtual classroom workshops on "Use of ICT".

Source:Telecom Argentina
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