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 Wednesday, 01 September 2010

The training program for work in this country created the pilot project "In the way of employability", which want to improve the access of employment through the Information and Comuncación Technology (ICT). This education program is developed by the Organization “Fe y Alegría” in the country.


This course makes known the hidden skills that each person has. There is one case of Rinat as an example, Rinat who is a young blind man, who thanks to this course, has found their skills with what he can meet the challenges presented to in the workplace. Rinat was part of “Fe y Alegría” institution and managed to interact through virtual classroom e-learning platform in the "road to employability," which includes three modules: 1) auto guidance, 2) job searching and 3) plan and improvement of selection processes. Rinat worked from the Internet lab of the Bolivian Institute of blindness, with a median speed Internet. 


“Fe y Alegría” is a member of the Red TICBolivia and encourages the participation of professional and personal development of people with different capacities. Also, they work for the comprehensive and quality education for urban, and rural people who are discriminated because their economic status, socio-political, ethnic, cultural and with people with disabilities.

Source: Red TIC Bolivia and Mintel

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