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 Thursday, 12 August 2010
The meeting is part of the schedule of Information and Training of the National Plan of Inclusion Digital in education, specifically into the program "One computer to each student".

The meeting was held with the participation of around 65 people. This Workshop consisted in the Training and information of the participants about the National Digital Inclusion Plan in education and the program "one computer to each student". The organization of the Seminar and the development of this was led by the National Team of Plan IDE.

After the opening of the "model classroom", there was a plenary presentation to all attendees on the scope of IDE Plan. In this space the training materials were showed by the Plan team to see this first stage. Also the participants could navigate in the website of the Plan and the presentations, resources that were already stored, the educational map with information on technical schools, news, digitized materials and teaching aids.

(Source:Ministry of education of Argentina)
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