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 Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Since establishing the KERIS on April 22nd, 1999, KERIS has been responsible for Korea’s educational Information & Communication Technology (ICT) development. It works closely with international organizations such as the World Bank and UNESCO to assist other nations in developing or improving their own ICT infrastructure and implementation.

The National Teaching & Learning Center (EDUNET), is a comprehensive education information service in Korea with public access, but designed specifically for teachers and students. Through linkage to the central government, local governments, and schools, EDUNET provides a range of instructional and learning support material and other education-related information.

The Cyber Home Learning System is a web-based that enables self-study at home or at sites other than schools. Students can learn at their own pace with adjustable materials to suit individual needs.

The Digital Library Support System (DLS) is a system that supports school libraries built within metropolitan and provincial Offices of Education, and is an Internet-based, one-stop service system that helps school libraries carry out the functions of a teaching-learning support center, digital library, and reading & culture center.

U-Class, the actual ubiquitous classroom model built by the Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS), is celebrating its 3rd anniversary since opening, in June of 2007 and to date has had a total of 5058 domestic and international visitors. U-class is a state-of-the art “classroom of the future”, a place where students and teachers can experience future educational facilities consisting of cutting edge technologies for classrooms. KERIS has been implementing robotic assistants within primary school classrooms, using them to aid children as they learn English. KERIS looks forward to the important role of the U-class to promote the establishment of the future classroom model in Korea.

KERIS received the Received the 1st UNESCO Prize for ICT in Education in 2007.

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