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 Tuesday, 10 August 2010
The Ministry of Education of Argentina began providing computer equipment to schools in Santa Cruz, which is framed in Digital Inclusion plan of the country, which aims to provide a computer for each student in the upper level of technical schools. At this early stage, the schools No. 4 in Rio Gallegos, the school No. 5 Rio Turbio, the school No. 3 in Puerto Deseado and the School of "Biologia Marina" of Caleta Olivia will receive the equipment; according a report from the Regional Office in the downtown of Puerto San Julian.

"This Plan is an initiative of the Ministry of Education that aims to democratize the access of everyone to the new technologies in the educational context. Also this Plan is composed of four sub-components: the program 'A computer for every student ', Connectivity, Digital TV Models for Schools and Classrooms.. "

In Santa Cruz the delivery is done through the Provincial Department of Education, which is under the Provincial Board of Education. The teachers of these institutions who will receive the training, the learning resources and all information related to this plan are now available on page www.inclusió

(Source:Diario Sur Noticias)
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