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 Friday, 06 August 2010
Under the National Plan of Education Digital Inclusion, the program "One Computer for each student" will provide an inexpensive laptop computer to each students of secundary for public technical schools (industrial and agricultural) around the country. Through this program the government plans to reach in its first phase of implementation at about 230,000 students and 20,000 teachers of the 1200 educational establishments.

The project includes the provision of:
*250 000 economic ultraportable computers (one for each student of the final cycle of agricultural technical schools and one for each teacher involved in the program)
*1200 school servers (one for each technical school involved in the program)
*250 000 pen drives (one for use with each of the laptops)
*20 000 wireless router (to establish the network courtly)
*Internet access for schools.
*7150 Furniture stores and recharges portable devices (furniture for every 35 laptops).
*Adequacy of electrical installations in the premises.
* Wiring data.
* Suitable security system in each school (allocation of fences, alarms, locks, security doors).
* Suitable cooling system keeps the enclosure at each school (Provision and installation of fans and / or air condition.

(Source: Ministry of Education of Argentina)
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