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 Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Department of General Education in Kerala, India, launched IT @School with a mission to create an IT literate community and improve the quality of education through using the latest ICTs.  Amongst its many achievements, IT @School has become the world's largest simultaneous deployment of Free and Open Source Software based ICT education.  IT @School has trained 90,000 teachers in classroom IT use, and is working towards creating a broadband Internet connectivity between all schools within the state.

Today, IT @School announced the development of a Resource DVD that can be used on any computer or laptop, and will be distributed to 60,000 high school teachers in Kerala.  This DVD, entitled e-Vidhya, includes introductions to office packages, painting software, presentation software, and tools for a select number of school subjects.  The release of e-Vidhya is designed to help implement the new ICT syllabus of the Kerala Government, which directs all schools to teach each subject through an ICT enabled learning process.  To help achieve this initiative, the DVD also includes PDF versions of a myriad of textbooks and the most recent versions of free application software.  E-Vidhya was prepared entirely on free software, which allows for teachers to freely copy, edit and redistribute the DVD if they wish.  Tomorrow, the state's Chief Minister will formally release the 8 GB DVD and begin distributing it to schools.

(Sources: The Times of India, IT at School, and IndiaTech Online)

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