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 Friday, 02 July 2010

In Lagos, Nigeria, the Fashola administration has made a commitment to improving education as part of an initiative to improve the economic well being of the regioin.  A total of 960 new classrooms have been built, with an additional 400 classrooms that have bee nrenovated.  Each school tha thas been renovated now has a newly constructed block of twenty classrooms and four laboratories, one of which is designated to the use of information technology.  In order to maximize the efficiency of these laboratories, the governor of Lago decided to implement the Microsoft IT Academy in three schools as part of a pilot program.

The Microsoft IT Academy is designed to provide educators and students with skills in Microsoft software, e-learning couress, and othe rrelevant ICT fields.  Deux Project Limited functions as Microsoft's local support group; they will be providing laptops with Microsoft IT Academy software for one of the schools.  As part of the Microsoft IT Academy curriculum, Microsoft will provide free email resources and over 175 e-learning courses.  Because training resources are scarce in the region, the use of the Microsoft IT Academy, which will train both students and educators who can train future students, is a self-sustainable way to encourage ICT use in education in Lagos.

(Sources: The Sun News and Microsoft IT Academy)

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