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 Thursday, 11 February 2010

The USAID supported a pilot project known as the STEP program in three provinces in Madagascar: Toliara, Finarantsoa, and Tamatave for 2006 to 2008. STEP works with the Ministry of Education National and Scientific Research (MENRS) to build the capacity of its personnel to offer high-quality training and support to Madagascarís growing numbers of teachers and schools. MEN is expanding the program nationally with technical assistance from EDC. The project involves the nationwide broadcasting of radio programs intended to invigorate teaching and learning in Madagascar.

Activities focus on four distinct but linked domains: (1) strengthening in-service teacher training, (2) increasing community support to local primary schools, (3) strengthening local planning for teacher professional development, and (4) supporting the introduction of English as a Second Language in primary schools.

STEP allows MENRS, USAID, and other partner NGOs to test and evaluate technology-based education support mechanisms that could add value on a nationwide scale as a means of maintaining educational quality and promoting a well-informed democracy.

The program used context-appropriate technology-interactive radio instruction, community radio programs, and digital applications as both the catalyst for action and the mechanism to build the capacity of MENRS personnel at central and decentralized levels.