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 Friday, 05 February 2010

The Education Development Center, in collaboration with World Links, iEARN and SOUL, a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Yemen, implemented a project entitled “Internet for Yemeni High Schools”. The idea was to create a learning network between high schools throughout Yemen and connect them with high schools in the United States.

The primary objectives for the project are to:
  • Improve teachers’ ability to facilitate student-centered lessons through ICT;
  • Improve students’ learning, especially girls, by helping them to access information through the use of the internet for research;
  • Assess the potential of the internet to serve as a teaching and learning tool at the high school level in Yemen;
  • Create professional development networks for Yemeni educators, especially female teachers and students with limited mobility.
There are three phases to the project. The first phase involved installing computer laboratories, with internet connectivity, in the selected Yemeni High schools in Sana’a and Aden. The second phase of the project developed school level capacity in the basic principles and practices of student-centered computer and internet-based instruction in the classroom through providing training to teachers and school directors. Five teachers from each school were chosen through a competitive application process to become master trainers in their respective schools, which enabled them to train others. This ICT training was delivered by World Links Arab Region and iEARN. Finally, the third phase involved master trainers, with the support of their school directors, offering the same training they had received to the teachers in their schools.

Outcomes Impact Results

The following outcomes have been observed:
  • The project has trained 51 master trainers from 10 schools (18 female and 8 male in Sana'a, and 13 females and 12 males in Aden);
  • In Sana’a, the 26 master trainers have trained 547 teachers (438 female) on student-centered learning and 199 teachers (159 female) on how to use computers and the internet as instructional and learning resources;
  • In Aden, the 25 master trainers have trained 246 teachers (153 female) on the same topics; and
  • Utilizing the computer labs during summer break, master trainers and teachers offered computer courses to members of the community, especially women and girls who had dropped out of school for various reasons.
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