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 Friday, 05 February 2010

IT IS-LTAR e-Collaborative Learning Management System
This is an innovative e-collaborative project between professors in ITIS, an Italian technical school, and Lycée Technique Alessandro Rossi (LTAR), a technical school in Burundi, to utilise broadband Internet to experiment with new ways of distance teaching and learning through screen sharing, video-conferencing and voice over IP. The project has also set up a learning management system using Moodle where teachers from the Italian school can collaborate with their Burundian colleagues to exchange experience and design learning.

LTAR School Connectivity Project
The World Istituto Tecnico Alessandro Rossi, a small Italian NGO, has raised and invested almost €500,000 for the support of a twin technical high school – the Lycée Technique Alessandro Rossi – in Ngozi, Burundi. The school has now been equipped for students studying electronics, computer maintenance, and electromechanics. The school received a donation of a VSAT system for broadband Internet connectivity from Eutelsat, one of the largest VSAT service providers in the world. The school has a network of 25 PCs, laptops, and a Wi-Fi antenna covering the entire school area.

For more information: The Burundi Project: Mending the Digital Divide by Empowering Teachers

Computer Trailer: Burundi Youth Training Centre
In 2006 volunteers from the Burundi Youth Training Centre (BYTC) began a campaign to introduce ICTs in secondary schools by creating awareness among the school teachers, administrators, and pupils. The centre believes that ICT can play an important role in improving the quality of education in countries in development. The Computer Trailer project pilot phase equipped two secondary schools with 20 computers and a laser printer each. The second phase of the projects was to initiate computer clubs in these schools where volunteers will train the pupils in the schools. Those who receive training are then used to train others in order to spread the skills and awareness on ICT. This project is supported by African Computing and Webvolcans, both French NGOs.

For more information: bytc

Source: infodev , bytc