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 Wednesday, 18 March 2009
  • Brief description

This project seeks to contribute to community development by upgrading children's skills and abilities in the field of computer by improving their ability to keep abreast with the worldwide technological progress and access information through audiovisual educational ways. The centers also seek to enable children to use software and technology in expressing themselves by developing child-specific projects. The idea is to combine FutureKids and ClubHouse projects together in one Palestinian project for the Palestinian children

  • Vision, Objectives and Goals

SHABABEEK'S vision: Raising community awareness of the importance of information technology and it's impact on the quality of the life by developing the technology-related skills of Palestinian children and youth, through curricular and extra-curricular activities after school hours in support if their academic performance. SHABABEEK's Main Goals: 1. Improving youth's cognitive and practical skills in working with younger age groups in the field of learning and technology, which will be narrow the gap between these tow generations. 2. Increasing children's knowledge and experience in the practical use of computer and information technologies in order to help them apply these skills in their daily life as essential life skills. 3. Promoting children's right to alternative ways of play and learning and the right to practice their hobbies and express themselves 4. Encouraging the use of technology and computers in the transfer of knowledge among Palestinian children.

  • How does ICT contribute to the organisational objectives

As a tool, ICT conributes largely to the development of children and youth through enhancing their capabilities, linking them with community and the world, providing a solid knowledge base, and providing opportunities to learn, play, and work.

  • Project summary

ICT is the cornerstone of SHABABEEK. It is means and an end by itself. The project utilizes technology in developing children and youth that are commuity based and capable of providing opportunities for themselves as well as other in society through the inception of ICT.

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