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 Monday, 16 March 2009

3rd Annual Connecting Rural Communities Asia Forum

Stakeholders, policy makers and executives from across the ICT sector are preparing to come together and shape the future of rural connectivity. Join them at the CTO’s latest Connecting Rural Communities Asia forum and meet the people with the funding and expertise to transform Rural Connectivity.

Over three hundred leading ICT decision makers have already joined us at this series of annual conference. Plans have been initiated, funding opportunities identified and fruitful future partnerships struck. Ensure that this year you are able to join them.

Crucial points to be discussed include;
• How can governments best support the creation of self-sustaining rural connectivity initiatives that benefit local people? 
• Step-by-step practical guidance on overcoming the most pressing technical challenges
• Developing a world-class telecentre rural development programme
• Progress on delivering the promise of the United Services Obligation Fund
• Realising the benefits of greater rural connectivity though the delivery of E-services
• Mapping the future need for connectivity: Identifying choke points in the delivery network 
• Training and empowering rural populations to make full use of the potential inherent in greater connectivity

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