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 Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Featuring an interview with Rwanda's President Paul Kagame, this film illustrates how ICT serves as a cross-cutting enabler in helping Rwanda to achieve the 6 Pillars of its Vision 2020, and how the World Bank's eRwanda project is contributing to the process.

In its Vision 2020 plan, the Government of Rwanda aims to transform the country from a largely agriculture-based economy to a knowledge and information based economy, in an effort to reach middle income status by 2020. The Government has emphasized its intention to use investment in ICT as the key driver for this transition and as a vehicle for improving the delivery of public and private services, particularly in the rural areas.

The World Bank's eRwanda project emphasizes the use of technology as an enabler to growth and development, and focuses on core activities, applications and content which have the greatest impact for the citizens. The project aims to improve efficiency and effectiveness of some internal processes of the Government of Rwanda, as well as the delivery of social services in selected key sectors. The Movie available here: