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Projects : Regional Initiatives

In order to strengthen the implementation and execution of projects on ICTs for development at national, regional and global levels, the ITU has a dedicated team of project specialists who can be reached at field offices and headquarter.

Regional Initiatives

Considering the outcome of the (WTDC-10) and Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-10) such as the strengthening of the executing agency role of ITU, the strengthening of regional presence and the need to seek new funding mechanisms, partnerships for accelerating telecommunication and ICT development, amongst others, the regionally approved initiatives determine a broad framework of priority areas to be addressed within each of the six regions i.e. Americas, CIS, Asia-Pacific, Arab Region, Africa and Europe.

Under the approved regional initiatives the ITU-D is expected to implement large-scale projects that require partnership with public, private, international, regional, national, technical and financial actors. For more details, please see the WTDC-10 Resolution 17 (Rev. Hyderabad, 2010).

Project ID
Project Title
Beneficiary Region / Countries
Funding Partner(s)
Project Timeframes
Financial Scale in CHF
Brief Description
ITU virtual Laboratory for remote tests of equipment, new technologies and services Region: CIS countriesITU
ZNIIS, Moscow
From 2013
until 2015
500'000 - 1'000'000

The ITU and FSUE ZNIIS start collaboration in Virtual laboratory creation on the basis of the ITU – FSUE ZNIIS International Telecommunication Test (...)

Establishment of an Advisory and Methodical Center in Minsk, to help RCC member-states during analog to digital TV transition Region: CIS countries From 2011
until 2011
100'000 - 500'000

It is not a project it is an action.

CIS Branch of the Centre of Excellence for CIS Region: CIS countriesITU (ICT-DF)From 2007
until 2014
100'000 - 500'000In the CIS region, the Project aims at bringing into operation a network of excellence amongst potential content providers, like universities, technol (...)
International Telecommunication Union - Central Science Research Telecommunication Institute: International Telecommunication Testing Centre Region: CIS countriesITU (ICT-DF)
From 2008
until 2011
100'000 - 500'000Under this project, ITU and ZNIIS will collaborate to create an International Telecommunication Testing Centre (ITTC) for new technologies and will tr (...)
Early Field Trial Establishing broadband public access points to Internet (PAPI) in rural areas of the Republic of Belarus Region: CIS countries
CIS countries : Belarus
From 2010
until 2011
Less than 100'000Under this project ITU will establish in selected rural areas of the Republic of Belarus public access points to Internet, using broadband technologie (...)
Cooperation Agreement for the Deployment of Videoconference Systems in Armenia Region: CIS countries
CIS countries : Armenia
 From 2011
until 2013
Less than 100'000In the framework of the implementation of CIS- Regional Initiatives, this project (Videoconferencing system) covers the installation of one Multipoint (...)
Sustainable supply of electricity to telecommunication facilities in rural and remote areas Region: CIS countries
CIS countries : Uzbekistan
Transfer from old project
From 2011
until 2014
Less than 100'000"Provision of a stable electric power supply for telecommunication/ICT facilities in rural and remote areas" was identified as one of the Regional Ini (...)