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e-Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

Project No CALL-03
Title e-Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities
Description The project “e-Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities” aims to ensure that accessible information and communications technologies (ICTs) and ICT services are available and affordable for persons with disabilities in developing countries and to use accessible ICTs and services to ensure inclusive education and job opportunities for persons with disabilities in line with United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Articles 9, 24, 27 and 32. This project will take a two-track approach to inclusive and accessible international cooperation, including both disability-specific development programmes and the mainstreaming of disability rights into broader development cooperation.
The main areas of activity include:
1. Regulatory Harmonization, Capacity Building and National Transposition of e-accessibility measures
2. Text-to-speech Engine Development
3. Web-Accessibility and Public Procurement Capacity Building
4. ICTs for Employment of Persons with Disabilities
5. ICTs for Inclusive Education
6. Capacity Building for DPOs and NDCs
7. Data Collection
Status Archived

This Project is Archived