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Connect a School, Connect a Community in Gambia

Project No 9RAF10084-04
Title Connect a School, Connect a Community in Gambia
Description This Project is designed to promote broadband connectivity in schools in remote, rural or underserved areas of GAMBIA, so that schools can be used as community ICT centres (CICs). This Project aims to improve ICT access and use by school children and members of the local community, including disadvantaged and vulnerable groups such as women and girls, indigenous and rural people, older persons and persons with disabilities.
This Project will connect schools to broadband Internet services, provide individual or shared computing devices to school children, and establish in the connected schools community ICT centres that can be used both for the socio-economic development of community members and to provide fee-paying services to foster sustainability for the community ICT centres. Furthermore, this Project will also provide relevant training for teachers, managers of the ICT centres and the trainers who will provide socio-economic relevant training for community members to enable use of ICTs in their day-to- day social and economic activities.
Best practices in promoting school connectivity related to policies, regulation, applications, services and practical experiences included in the ITU "Connect a School, Connect a Community" Toolkit ( will be used in the implementation of this Project including any emerging best practices which ITU will identify around the world.
In addition, in order to ensure a common vision and understanding of the roles of all stakeholders, a national workshop will be organized for senior Government officials and other national stakeholders, to discuss based on the implementation of this Project and the best practices identified in the ITU "Connect a School, Connect a Community" toolkit ( future steps that the country stakeholders can take to extend connectivity at country level.
The ITU in cash contribution to this Project is funded by a donation of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, while in kind contribution is provided through direct support to this Project by ITU staff and experts.
Status Implemented
Time Frame From 1/2/2012 To 31/12/2013
Funding Funded
Beneficiary Countries Gambia
ITU Project Management Team TOURE, D. Mr.
Implementing Agency ITU
Keywords Youth and Children
Relation to the WSIS Action Lines
C02Information and communication infrastructure
C02Information and Communication Infrastructure
C03Access to information and knowledge
Project Document Open Document
Financial Scale (CHF) 100'000 - 500'000