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Study on innovative ways of appropriating mobile telephony in Africa

Project No 9RAF10081
Title Study on innovative ways of appropriating mobile telephony in Africa

This project aims to conduct a study on how innovative appropriating mobile telephony in Africa.

The democratization of mobile telephony in Africa, its accessibility, ease of use and especially its appropriation by the population are a great success. Populations with very low incomes are involved not only to access the phone but also to innovate by creating new features and applications that are useful. There is thus a development uses "bottom" and an economy that is both formal and informal was created to meet the needs. Many actors - private, public, NGOs - have mobilized.

Operators and equipment manufacturers were able to change the business model to adapt their equipment and their applications and thus allow access to services at affordable prices. NGOs have also established courier services in various sectors. Changes in use, however, is uncertain. Different approaches ranging from SMS to full convergence with Internet experiments using smart phones and "netbooks" are concurrent. Cost reduction will result in an increase in the numbe

Status Closed
Time Frame From 6/4/2010 To 24/9/2010
Funding Funded
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ITU Project Management Team MARINE, S. Mr.
Implementing Agency ITU
Keywords ICT applications and services
Relation to the WSIS Action Lines
C04Capacity building
Financial Scale (CHF) Less than 100'000