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Global Telecoms University - World

Project No 9GLO97021
Title Global Telecoms University - World
Description The concept of the GTU Project was first presented and approved in the WTDC in Buenos Aires, 1994. An electronic forum followed by a world round table were organised in 1995. The round table was attended by many universities, telecom potential partners (manufacturers, operators, telecom authorities, etc.) and donors. All participants expressed their interest in the project. One of the main conclusions of this meeting was the need of a feasibility study of the project. This study was conducted in 1996 and its main conclusions regarding the GTU were:
§ To make an extensive use of virtual and distance learning technologies.
§ To develop, during a first phase (pilot phase), a short term training programme
§ To initiate development of long term academic programs in a second phase after the success of the pilot phase
§ To institutionalise the project once the success of the two previous phases was assessed
Status Archived
Time Frame From 31/12/1997

This Project is Archived