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First project of the Internet Training Center Initiative (ITCI) - World

Project No 9GLO01038
Title First project of the Internet Training Center Initiative (ITCI) - World
Description The project aims to establish Internet Training Centers in non-profit education institutions in developing countries. Working together with national governments, with Cisco Systems, which is a key partner of the project, and with other public and private partners, the project assists education institutions in implementing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) training programmes that the institution can offer to students as well as to working professionals. Some characteristics of the project:
§ Train-the-trainers approach. The project provides for the training of local instructors. The instructors organise and deliver the training programmes locally.
§ The original target was to establish at least 50 Internet Training Centers worldwide.
§ Wherever possible, priority is given to Least Develop Countries.
§ Promote participation of women in ICT. The project target: At least 30% of the students enrolled in the Internet Training Centers must be female students.
§ Bridge the academic world and the telecom sector
§ Sustainability. The Internet Training Centers are asked to work on a cost recovery basis and allowed to
charge reasonable tuition fees to the participants in the programmes. This ensures the sustainability of the
Status Archived
Time Frame From 1/1/2001

This Project is Archived