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Multipurpose Community Center (MCT) pilot project in Benin

Project No 9BEN98003
Title Multipurpose Community Center (MCT) pilot project in Benin
Short Title 9BEN98003
Description The project document was signed in July 1999. Benin was selected along with 4 other African Countries to pilot the concept of telecenters as a means to provide affordable communications to rural and remote areas, and to develop specific applications in response to basic needs of rural populations (education, health, Small and Medium Entreprises, agriculture, etc.). A telecenter was to be built and equipped in Malanville, and connected to the Public Switch Telephone Network. The telecenter was in effect built and equipped with terminal equipments, but the initial arrangement to procure VSAT connection finally failed. A new arrangement was found in May 2003, which is currently being implemented.
Status Archived
Time Frame From 21/9/1998

This Project is Archived