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Computer Training and Braille transcribing service

Project No 7ETH08002
Title Computer Training and Braille transcribing service
Description Under this project ITU will assist the ATCB by procuring the suitable equipment such as speech synthesizers, magnifying hardware-software and Braille displays.
The main outputs of this project should be the following:
- Suitable equipment to be deployed in the centers identified;
- Identified equipment purchased, delivered and installed;
- Expert's missions to train the trainers in the centers in the use of the equipment conducted;
- Awareness among the general public related to the rights and privileges of the blind in Ethiopia in the usage of computers with adaptive technologies through organization of events, etc.
Status Closed
Time Frame From 9/10/2008 To 31/12/2009
Funding Funded
Beneficiary Countries Ethiopia
ITU Project Management Team MPATWA, A. Mrs.
Implementing Agency ITU
Project Document Open Document
Financial Scale (CHF) 100'000 - 500'000