ITU Regulatory Self-Assessment Tool

The ITU Regulatory Self-Assessment Tool was developed by to assist regulatory authorities in evaluating their structure and performance. The tool can be used as a starting point when planning for possible institutional reforms or changes in institutional structure. It provides a solid framework for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of regulations and regulatory processes in place.

The Tool is composed by 55 questions. These questions build on the annual ITU World Telecommunications Regulatory Survey (TREG), and include additional issues associated with this project. The questions are designed to elicit information from the participants in order to help them understand how their regulatory structure and performance compares to international best practices. Where relevant, a subsection titled 'definition' is included to clarify specific terms used in the questions and facilitate the participant's response. At the end of each section, an analysis of the responses is provided featuring an overview of recent regulatory trends in the respective area as well as regulatory experiences from around the world. A complete report is available at the end of the questionnaire.

The methodology of this tool was developed by Telecommunications Management Group, Inc. (TMG) for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The web application was developed by ITU. The public beta version of the tool (available for the duration of the 10th Global Symposium for Regulators, from 10 through 12 November) can be accessed via this page. Regulatory authorities will receive individual username and password in due course after the event.

To start the beta version of ITU Regulatory Self-Assessment Tool, please select a country and click the 'start' button

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