Institutional details 2016
Name of Authority
Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT
Year created 1992
Legal document that created the authority
Law 2075 / 1992 "Organisation and operation of telecommunications"
Reports to Report to Legislature/Parliament & Other: Annual Report to the Committee for Institutions and Transparency of the Greek Parliament
Does the Regulatory Authority also regulate other public utilities (e.g. electricity, gas, etc.)?
Is the Regulatory Authority autonomous in its decision making?
Who approves the budget of the Regulator?
Indicate the percentage of budget financed from each source:
Licence fees; ; percentage: 9% Numbering fees; ; percentage: 10% Spectrum fees; ; percentage: 36% Fines/penalties; ; percentage: 18% Contributions from regulated telecom operators based on turnover; percentage: 20% ; percentage of operator revenue (turnover): Financial income (e.g. Investment/Deposit); ; percentage: 7%
Structure of the Regulator 2016
Name of the Head of the Regulatory Authority:
vacant (President)
Is it a collegial body? Yes
Total number of members n/a
Is the Head of the commission also responsible for day to day administrative matters? Yes
Who appoints the Members/Head?
Period of appointment (years): n/a
Total number of staff in the Regulatory Authority: 211
Regulatory Functions 2016
R Licensing
R Interconnection rates
For SMP operators interconnection rates may be subject to definition or approval by the regulatory authority. Non SMS operators can define their own interconnection terms.
R Price Regulation
At a wholesale level
M Technical standards settings
M Radio frequency allocation
R Spectrum monitoring and enforcement
M R Numbering
The sector ministry adopts the numbering plan based on recommendation of the regulatory authority. The regulatory authority is responsible for managing the numbering resources.
R Type approval
n/a Service quality monitoring
M R Universal Service
The sector ministry is responsible for adopting all relevant decision based on recommendations by the regulatory authority
n/a Quality of service standards
R Enforcement of quality of service obligations
R Broadcasting
Om Broadcasting content
NR Information technology
n/a Internet content
Key: M - Sector Ministry
R - Regulatory Authority
Om - Other Ministry or Government body
Op - Operator
O - Other
NR - Not regulated
Recent Legislation 2016
2006 Decision of EETT 348/1/2006 (GG Issue 739/B/20-06-2006)
Subordination of Antenna Constructions to the article 1 par. 3 el. Z of L. 2801/2000
2006 Decision of EETT 366/48/2005 (GG Issue 22/B/17-01-2006)
Modification and Coding in a single text of the Regulation on the Introduction of Carrier Pre-selection in the Greek market
2006 Decision of EETT 367/46/2005 (GG Issue 22/B/17-01-2006)
Definition of the Liable Parties for the Provision of the Universal Service
2006 Decision of EETT 375/10/2006 (GG Issue 314/B/16-3-2006)
Regulation on the procedure of public consultation
2006 Decision of EETT 375/40/2006 GG Issue 362/B/27-03-2006)
Approval of the submitted by the Liable Provider for the facilitation of Carrier Pre-Selection (OTE SA) of the standardized texts of subscribers’ applications for the activation, deactivation, annulation of the application, change of carrier pre-selection scheme and change of Pre-Selected Provider
2006 Decision of EETT 375/41/2006 (GG Issue 362/B/27-03-2006)
Approval of the submitted by the Liable Provider for the facilitation of Carrier Pre-Selection (OTE SA) standardized text – letter informing the subscriber of the activation of Carrier Pre-Selection on a Pre-Selected Provider
2006 Decision of EETT 381/1/2006 (GG Issue 681/B/31-05-2006)
Results of the Cost Estimating Audit of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE SA), of the Year 2005 (with accountant elements of 2003), for the wholesale services under regulation
2006 Decision of EETT 381/2/2006 (GG Issue 558/B/04-05-2006)
Decision making on the proposal of OTE concerning the tariffs of voice telephony, leased lines, interconnection and local loop unbundling
2006 Decision of EETT 388/012/2006 (GG Issue 891/B/12-7-2006)
Definition of the national wholesale broadband access services market, determination of the companies with Significant Power in the said market and of their obligations
2006 Decision of EETT 388/012/2006 (GG Issue 932/B/18-7-2006)
Definition of the national Wholesale market for the provision of (Full and Shared) Unbundled Access in Metallic Loops and Sub-Loops for the purpose of providing broadband and voice services, determination of the companies with Significant Power in the said market and of their obligations

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