Institutional details 2012
Name of Authority
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic
Year created 2000
Legal document that created the authority
Act. No. 195 / 2000 Coll. on Telecommunications
Reports to Report to Legislature/Parliament
Does the Regulatory Authority also regulate other public utilities (e.g. electricity, gas, etc.)?
Is the Regulatory Authority autonomous in its decision making?
Who approves the budget of the Regulator?
Indicate the percentage of budget financed from each source:
Government appropriation; ; percentage: 100%
Structure of the Regulator 2012
Name of the Head of the Regulatory Authority:
Ladislav Mikuš (Chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority )
Is it a collegial body? No
Total number of members n/a
Is the Head of the commission also responsible for day to day administrative matters? n/a
Who appoints the Members/Head?
Period of appointment (years): n/a
Total number of staff in the Regulatory Authority: 163
Regulatory Functions 2012
R Licensing
R Interconnection rates
R Price Regulation
R Technical standards settings
R Radio frequency allocation
R Spectrum monitoring and enforcement
R Numbering
R Type approval
R Service quality monitoring
R Universal Service
R Quality of service standards
R Enforcement of quality of service obligations
R Broadcasting
Om Broadcasting content
Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission
Om Information technology
Government Office of the Slovak Republic
Om Internet content
Key: M - Sector Ministry
R - Regulatory Authority
Om - Other Ministry or Government body
Op - Operator
O - Other
NR - Not regulated
Recent Legislation 2012
2007 Act No. 220/2007
On digital broadcasting
2007 Measure of TOSR No. O-14/2007
Numbering plan
2007 Measure of TOSR No. O-15/2007
Particulars on providing public payphones and services for users with health disabilities
2007 Measure of TOSR No. O-17/2007
Particulars on conditions for transition from analog to digital way of terestrial broadcast
2006 Measure of TOSR No. O-11/2006
The conditions and procedures needed for the transfer of the rights resulting from the allocation of frequencies
2004 Generally binding legal regulation No. O-2/2004
on settlements for right to use of frequencies
2004 Generally binding legal regulation No. O-3/2004
on settlements for use of numbers
2004 Generally binding legal regulation No. O-4/2004
on details for provision of public pay phones and services for disabled users
2004 Generally binding legal regulation No. O-1/2004
details on Special Professional Qualification Certificates to operation of selected radio facilities, on establishing the Examination Commission and on contents, scope and course of the examination
2004 Measure of TOSR No. O-5/2004
Particulars on quality indicators and target values, including particulars of the form, extent, content, and form of disclosure of information

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