Institutional details 2010
Name of Authority
Year created n/a
Legal document that created the authority
Reports to
Does the Regulatory Authority also regulate other public utilities (e.g. electricity, gas, etc.)?
Is the Regulatory Authority autonomous in its decision making?
Who approves the budget of the Regulator?
Indicate the percentage of budget financed from each source:
Structure of the Regulator 2010
Name of the Head of the Regulatory Authority:
Corrado CALABRO' (President)
Is it a collegial body? Yes
Total number of members 9
Is the Head of the commission also responsible for day to day administrative matters? No
Who appoints the Members/Head?
The President is appointed by the Head of State upon proposal of the Head of Government in agreement with the Minister of Communications, subject to the binding opinion by the competent parliamentary Commissions (a 2/3 majority is required in this respect and the designated President might also be heard); Board members are elected by the Parliament (4 by the Senate and 4 by the Chamber of Deputies) and appointed by the Head of State.
Period of appointment (years): 7 years
Total number of staff in the Regulatory Authority: 348
Regulatory Functions 2010
M R Licensing
In line with the EU regulation, licenses are only provided for scarce resources; Agcom defines the rules for the assignment of such resources, whereas the Ministry assigns the licenses. Any other service is subject to a General Authorization regime.
R Interconnection rates
R Price Regulation
M Technical standards settings
M R Radio frequency allocation
While the sector Ministry is responsible for the elaboration of the National frequency allocation table, the NRA defines the assignment plans and the regulatory conditions for the assignment of scarce resources. The Ministry is then responsible for the relevant assignment procedures and for the granting of rights of use.
M Spectrum monitoring and enforcement
M R Numbering
The definition of the National numbering plan falls under the NRA's remit; the sector Ministry is competent for the assignment of the numbering resources.
n/a Type approval
R Service quality monitoring
R Universal Service
R Quality of service standards
R Enforcement of quality of service obligations
M R Broadcasting
Agcom is competent for defining the regulatory conditions related to the authorizations, which are granted by the sector Ministry.
R Broadcasting content
M Om R Information technology
Such initiatives fall within the remit of the NRA, the sector Ministry, but also other public institutions, such as the Ministry of the public function and its Department for innovation.
Om R Internet content
Internet content falls under the NRA's area of competencies; however, any infringement of criminal law falls under the police monitoring powers and is prosecuted by the judicial authority.
Key: M - Sector Ministry
R - Regulatory Authority
Om - Other Ministry or Government body
Op - Operator
O - Other
NR - Not regulated
Recent Legislation 2010
2010 Legislative decree n.177 - Audiovisual code
Implementation of the EC Directive 2007/65/EC on media services
2002 and amended in 2009 (the relevant national transposition process has to be completed by 26 May 2011) Legislative decree n.44, 15 March 2010
New Regulatory Framework
2002 L.59
Equates ISP to OLO regarding access to reference interconnection offer of the incumbent .
2001 L.
Publishing, press.
2001 L. 66
Digital television and tlc licensing.
2000 L.78
TV rights and standard for digital tv decoders.
2000 Lei n°28
Political communication and campaign regulation (I.e. "par condicio law").
1999 Lei n°514 Gennaio
Local television.
1998 Decreto ministeriale 23 Aprile
1997 D.P.R. 318/1997, Regolamento di attuazione direttive comunitarie nel settore T.L.C.
The Italian tlc Act.

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