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ICTs in All Aspects of Life: For the Benefit of All

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This page is designed to highlight some of the past, ongoing and envisaged development experiences in the field of ICTs around the world. In the dynamic context of overall political, economic and cultural globalisation the potential of the new technologies, and internet in particular is being mobilized in order to enhance development and bridge the growing digital divide between industrial and emerging countries.  Joint efforts are laid down to attain more efficient, ubiquitous and sustainable outcome in terms of welfare improvement and wider openings. The awareness of global interdependence and the need of global concerted action raised by the United Nations Millennium Declaration has been continued throughout the WSIS process aiming at the fulfilment of the MDGs and the WSIS ICT development goals.

Technology is a powerful tool for revolutionizing production, consumption and market as a whole as well as for giving opportunity to valorise grassroots and preserve indigenous knowledge for the future generation. But most of all, ICTs have a vocation to disseminate knowledge, fight diseases, empower people and improve their lives. Their potential to harness and protect natural resources, boost economy and back-up social development is not just appealing but worth to be further explored. The assessment of the ICTs' power today is being now a continuous process on the basis of a number of experiences, some of which, successful, are highlighted here below. The future role of ICTs is to be determined accordingly to their power to catalyze positive change and induce development and value increase.

Now you can have a look at our stories and discover how ICTs can bring solutions to deep-rooted or emerging problems.

Have a nice journey with our ICT success stories ! We will be happy to receive your feedback



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