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Table of Contents



List of Abbreviations and Acronyms                    

1          Chapter One:  Introduction...

1.1 The mobile Internet 

1.2 Convergence: déjà vu all over again?   

1.3 Challenges to the industry   

2          Chapter Two:  Technologies and Applications  

2.1 From 2G to 3G    

2.2 Wireless LANs and PANs  

2.3 Mobile Internet platforms  

2.4 Mobile messaging   

2.5 Mobile Internet content 

2.6 Security features  

2.7 Conclusions: towards convergence and interoperability   

3          Chapter Three:  Market Trends  

3.1 Evolution of demand   

3.2 Corporate strategies  

3.3 Barriers to entry and market development 

3.4 Creating value and charging for it 

3.5 Conclusions: the economics of success  

4          Chapter Four:  Regulatory and Policy Aspects..

4.1 The importance of effective regulation  

4.2 Towards an appropriate licensing framework   

4.3 Ensuring fair competition in the marketplace   

4.4 Promoting open mobile Internet platforms  

4.5 Fostering cooperation at a global level 

4.6 Protecting the consumer  

4.7 Conclusions: A dynamic and flexible approach   

5          Chapter Five:  Case Studies  

5.1 Different economies, different stories  

5.2 Asia-Pacific first movers: Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, China

5.3 Other Asia-Pacific economies: China, the Philippines and Thailand

5.4 Latin American experiences: Liberalization can be liberating!  

5.5 The European experience   

5.6 Mobile in an African context 

5.7 Conclusions: Lessons for a new generation   

6          Chapter Six:  Conclusions—Towards a mobile information society

6.1 A mixed blessing?   

6.2 Location-based services  

6.3 Teenagers: driving the market 

6.4 Pervasive communications 

6.5 The mobile information society and the developing world

Mobile Internet Statistical Tables

Technical Notes

Methodology: ITU Mobile/Internet Index


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