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 Tuesday, 17 July 2012
Verzion has revamped their prices by raising fee for data services with an intention to increase its data revenue. These hikes will largely effect smartphone users who are not availing the unlimited text and calling facility will be charged $10 extra for services they are not using increasing their expenditure to $100 per month. The lightest data plan will now come for $50. Families using unlimited text, talk and 1GB data will be on the beneficial side by saving $60 per month. They will now just have to spend $150 a month.
Text messaging and calls are the major source of revenue and due to increase data services the users have been drifting apart from these services which are doing no good to the companies.
Scott Sloat, a spokesman for Sprint, which offers unlimited data usage for a flat fee, said that sharing data across devices significantly increases the potential for upsetting customers with surprise monthly bills due to data overage charges.
The users will be able to share multiple devices like Tablets and Laptops with its Share Everything Plan.  Users will be able to pay a flat monthly fee for each device they want to connect: $40 for smartphones, $20 for portable hotspots or notebooks, $10 for tablets, and $30 for standard cellphones. The dedicated plan offers additional charge of $50 for 1GB and $100 for 10GB.
As told in an interview to Reuters by the Chief Marketing Officer Tami Erwin that Customer who will use multiple devices will quickly identify the value in the plans. Many customers have to pay extra for going over their data allowance on their tablet even though they may not have used their full smartphone data allowance. With a shared plan that would not be an issue, Erwin said.
The new plan requires a monthly access fee of $40 that includes unlimited calls and texts for a single smartphone, and another fee of $60 for two gigabytes of data, which could be shared with up to 10 devices. Each additional device requires another access tariff such as a $10 fee for a tablet or a $20 fee for a laptop.
Verizon Wireless customers will have a choice to stick with the existing service plans, but any new customers will be required to sign up for the shared plans from June 28 onward, even if they do not intend to connect a second device.

Source: Wireless Federation.