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 Tuesday, 28 February 2012

At the end of the fourth quarter of 2011 (4Q2011) there were around 16.8 million active mobile stations associated with post-paid, pre-paid and hybrid tariff plans, 1.0 percent higher than in the previous quarter.

Of the stations reported, around 13.42 million mobile stations (79.9 percent) were actually used in the last month of the quarter, 0.5 percent less than in the same period last year. It is the first time since the indicator is collected that the weight of active mobile stations, of all mobile stations, falls below 80 percent.

The number of active mobile stations and user devices in actual use during the 4Q2011 reached around 12.3 million, 0.6 percent higher than in the 3Q2011, not including cards/modems used exclusively for broadband Internet access.

In December 2011, the penetration mobile service was reported at 157.9 per 100 inhabitants.

If only mobile stations with actual use were considered, the penetration rate in Portugal would be 126.1 percent.

At the end of December 2011, there were around 11.2 million users in Portugal eligible to use broadband services.

The number of active users who actually used services which are characteristic of 3rd generation (i.e. video-telephony, broadband data transmission, mobile TV) totalled around 4.2 million, a 4.4 percent increase compared with the previous quarter.

Of all the users of broadband services, which registered traffic in the last reporting month, 27.3 percent are users of the mobile broadband Internet access service using cards/modems. The number of such users continues to decline (less 0.9 percent than the previous quarter) - between the 4Q2010 and 4Q2011, the number decreased by -11.3 percent.

The number of conversation minutes originating on mobile networks totalled this quarter 5.4 million, in line with the previous quarter. The value reported for this period is usually lower compared to the previous quarter. However, the value observed for the 4Q2011 was below the lower limit of the forecast range resulting from the historic trend and seasonal adjustment.

During the 4Q2011, 2.2 billion calls were made, 2 percent less than in the previous quarter. The number of calls received on the mobile network was around 2.2 billion, a value which represents a decrease of 2 percent over the previous quarter and a 3.2 percent decrease compared to 4Q2010.

The number of text messages rose to around 7.1 million, 5.7 percent higher than the previous quarter and an annual growth of 5 percent.

On average, the number of users of the text message service represents around 66 percent of the total mobile stations in actual use, excluding Internet access cards.

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Source: ANACOM.