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 Tuesday, 02 March 2010

­Just over three-quarters (77%) of seniors in the UK have access to a mobile phone, but 49% still feel intimidated and hesitant of new technology, reports a survey carried out by Synovate on behalf of Doro. The survey of 2000 reveals that the use of mobile phones is continuing to grow amongst seniors. Seniors in the UK stated that they use their mobile phone mostly to make calls (73%) and secondly for text messages (37%).

"Many seniors experience difficulties when handling technical products due to problems relating to sight, hearing, poor mobility and indeed limited dexterity. At Doro we believe that seniors will call and use services to a much greater extent as soon as they possess a mobile phone developed with their needs in mind," says Kjell Reidar Mydske Marketing and Sales Director at Doro.

Just as the rest of us, seniors differ from each other - the survey shows great differences between the countries, age groups and social background. There are interesting differences between the 65-74 and 75+ age groups. Nearly 90% of those in the age group 65-74 have a mobile phone, while only two-thirds of those in the age group 75+ have one.

There are also big differences between the countries. The USA are in the front line (65%) when it comes to having a positive attitude to new technology, closely followed by Sweden (62%), Germany (62%) and UK (44%). The French, on the other hand, have a more considered approach to new technology (39%).

Source: Cellular News