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 Friday, 24 February 2012

UAE’s leading telecom providers Etisalat and du have managed to rope in 187, 000 new GSM subscribers to their clientele by December 2011. UAE’s telecommunication authority (TRA) announced that the telecom providers fetched fairly well in the GSM sector in 2011 than in 2010. Now the total number of GSM users has hit a subscription of 11, 727 in December itself. According to reports, the business expansion strategies of Etisalat and du, in mobile phone and other telecommunication services, played a key role in achieving the targeted figure of subscriptions in UAE. As per TRA, a total of 10.355 million GSM subscribers in UAE are in the pre-pay category and rest of the users fall under the monthly billing arena. Telecom operator du stated that it is expecting to overtake Etisalat in terms of number of mobile phone users in the near future. UAE has one of the biggest segment of mobile phone users when it comes to GSM subscription. According to reports, the boost in GSM subscription has helped UAE in sustaining its status as a country with highest GSM penetration ratio. By 2010 end, the mobile phone penetration ratio in the UAE was around 134 per cent for a population of 8.2 million.

Source: Wireless Federation.