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 Friday, 29 August 2008

APA-Tunis (Tunisia) The number of people using the mobile telephony networks reached 8.1million subscribers in June 2008 in Tunisia i.e. a telephone density of 80 subscribers per 100 inhabitants, revealed data published in Tunis.

This figure increased by 15% compared to the same period in 2007 (7.8 million subscribers) for a 12 million population.

The volume of SMS traffic increased by 30% during the first six months of the current year (80 million SMS) compared to the same period last year (61 million SMS).

These data from the ICT ministries also note an improvement of the quality of services of the mobile telephony, which enabled them to reduce the clutter and the saturation of traffic in peak periods.

This improvement is thanks to the programmes and steps implemented to remarkably ease the clutter which was reduced to 2% whereas it was over 16 % last year.

Reacting to these official figures, observers said that 8 million subscribers is "huge" compared to the Tunisian population and the teenage population.

Tunisians as well as foreign nationals in Tunisia (diplomats, co-operators, businessmen and tourists) often complained about the quality of the GSM and Internet connection, particularly in summer and during peak hours.

Tunisia has two mobile telephone operators, a public one (Tunisia Telecom) and a private one (Tunisiana).

Source: Cellular News.