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 Wednesday, 22 July 2009

­The Asia Pacific region now contains the world's two largest mobile markets, China and India and together, these two account for 1.04bn of the world's 4.15bn mobile customers. In fact, Asia is the only region to have more than one 100m market. The positions occupied by the top two markets remain unchanged compared to this time last year, with China still well ahead, with a total of 644.8m customers (not including the SARs of Hong Kong and Macau) which would, if added, push the PRC over the 650m mark. One year ago, China was more than twice the size of the second largest market, India, but the smaller country is rapidly closing the gap. It connected over 130m new customers in the year, to reach a total of 391.6m, compared to just 88.2m in China.


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Source: Cellular News