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 Thursday, 15 July 2010

­The already extended deadline to register SIM cards in Tanzania has been against extended for a further two weeks following representations from the mobile networks that they are still seeing customers coming into their stores to register their accounts.

Science, Technology and Communication minister Prof Peter Msolla announced the government's decision in Parliament last week just as the 30th June deadline was set to expire.

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) had originally set a deadline of the end of last year, then extended it again to the end of June. After the new deadline, of the 15th July, any unregistered SIM card will be locked for up to 90 days unless it is registered. A locked SIM card can not be used to make or receive calls or use sms, but if it is registered within 90 days, it will be unlocked, and can then be used. Any locked SIM card not registered by 30th September 2010 will be permanently deleted.

Source: Cellullar News