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 Monday, 21 April 2008

Taiwan's Institute for Information Industry has issued a report on the telecoms market and says that 3G subscriptions reached 6.91 million at the end of last year - representing a rise of 16.5% and a total base of 28.5%. 2G subscriptions fell by 4.2 % to 15.9 million. The Institute anticipates that 3G subscriptions will top 10 million, or 40% of the total base by the end of this year.

The population penetration level reached 105.8 percent.

The Institute also reported that text messaging volumes rose by 26% to 1,256 billion in the fourth quarter of last year. The average subscriber sent just over 54 text messages during the quarter and 18 text messages per month.

Mobile internet access increased by 7.8% to 11.86 million and nearly half of all mobile phones sold included mobile internet services. Just over 55% of mobile internet access is carried out via a 3G handset, compared to 32% being carried out over a GPRS network.

Source: Cellular News.