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 Friday, 30 March 2012

Tanzania Telecommunications Company (TTCL) has introduced a new offer known as Nduki Broadband, which will enable broadband users to pay from Tanzanian shillings 30,000/- (around USD20) to 200,000/- (around USD130) per month for unlimited access.

The offer allows customers to download as much data as they like without any limitations. The offer will give them for first package speed of 256 Kbs, and is known as Nduki Bronze which will be paid Tanzanian shillings 30,000/- (around 20 USD) per month.

The second package is known as Nduki Silver, with speeds of 512 Kbs, which will cost a Tanzanian shilling 60,000/- (around USD40 USD).

Nduki Gold is the third package, giving customers high speed access of 1Mbps which per month at Tanzanian shillings 100,000 (around USD65). The highest-speed package, Nduki Diamond, offers speeds of 2Mbps at a cost of Tanzanian shillings 200,000/- (around 130 USD) per month.

All the packages give TTCL subscribers unlimited download services.

The state-owned company is seeking to grow its broadband subscriber numbers in order to compete with private telecom companies which currently lead the market in Tanzania.

According to TCRA quarterly report December 2011, TTCL has only 1% of the market shares while Vodacom is leading the market with 45%, Airtel with 27%, Tigo with 21%, Zantel 6%, Sasatel 0.02% and Benson 0.01%.

Source: Biztech Africa.