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 Monday, 15 February 2010

The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has planned to deregulate the market and allow the two-telecom operators (Etisalat and du) to set their own prices. The Authority decision will help to propel the already saturated telecom industry in the country. The proposed regulations, which could be enforced by the end of 2010, would also prevent the telecom operators from engaging into anti-competitive behavior such as predatory pricing. The TRA's announcement is likely to foster more competition in the tightly regulated market where rates are among the world highest. As per the existing structure, the TRA approves all the pricing and promotions strategies of the operators that prevent a price war between the two-telecom operators.

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“Booming UAE Telecom Sector” contains comprehensive information about the current and potential outlook of various emerging technologies such as IPTV, WiMAX and Mobile TV. It also includes a segment of competitive landscape that discusses business activities and developments of the two-telecom operators (Etisalat and Du), including their SWOT analysis with regard to the country’s telecom industry.

Source: PRLog