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 Monday, 21 July 2008

The number of Spanish mobile customers reached 49.44m at the end of Q1 08, with annual net additions of 2.47m. In proportionate terms, annual growth stood at 5.3%, down 2.5pp compared to the year-earlier figure. This is in line with a downward trend in growth, a trend which is hardly surprising given that mobile penetration reached 122.1% at the end of Q1 08.

W-CDMA Customers, Q2 06 – Q1 08

Spanish market leader Telefonica finished the quarter with just over 23.01m customers, having managed an annual growth rate of 5.5%. In terms of market share, it recorded a very slight improvement (0.1pp) to finish Q1 on 46.5%. Second-placed Vodafone also gained 0.1pp year on year, finishing the quarter on 29.9%. In real terms, its customer base stood at 14.79m, up 0.79m year on year. This is lower than both the previous year’s figure of 1.25m net additions and Telefonica’s 1.19m. Nonetheless, in proportionate terms Vodafone grew by 5.6%, the highest growth rate on the market excluding start-up Xfera.

France Telecom’s Amena was the slowest growing by some margin with an annual increase of just 0.2%. Having lost 0.37m customers in Q2 07, Amena bounced back with quarterly net additions of 0.23m and 0.17m in Q3 and Q4, but Q1 08 saw the loss of 7k, leaving the annual gain at a paltry 26k. At the end of Q1 08, it had 11.08m customers and market share of 22.4%, down 1.1pp year on year. Meanwhile, 3G operator Xfera gained 0.9pp but still remained a fairly insignificant presence with just 1.1% of the market, or 0.56m in real terms. Having launched services in Q4 06, it now seems too late for Xfera to make any sizeable inroads.

In fact, Xfera does not even have a 5% share of the 3G market, finishing Q1 08 on 4.6%. Vodafone is the 3G market leader with 5.26m W-CDMA connections, compared to 4.2m for Telefonica and 2.01m for Amena. Both Telefonica and Amena more than doubled their totals year on year, however, so we could see a close battle in the Spanish 3G market this year.

Source: Cellular News.