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 Thursday, 04 December 2008

The slowing U.S. economy will likely speed up the ongoing shift to wireless-only phone service as consumers cut back on spending, analysts say.

Already the number of young adults and others who use only mobile phones and dump traditional landline service has been growing steadily. Studies put the number of wireless-only households near 15% heading into 2008, with the figure rising 2% to 3% a year.

The biggest wireless-only group, under-30 adults, tend to be big spenders on wireless and heavy users of text messaging. They like the convenience and mobility of wireless services.

The economic downturn adds a new factor to the decision to go all-wireless.

The big question is how many budget-conscious users might switch to wireless-only because of the economy, analysts say. Lower-income consumers, especially those without children at home, are most likely to cut the cord, analysts say.

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Source: Cellular News.