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 Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Long anticipated tender for a third mobile network operator license has finally been issued by government of Mozambique. US$25 million has been set as the reserved price for the license, with the last date for submissions due by July 6th 2010. After winning the license, the operator can begin operating within 30 days of the license being granted.

Earlier it was announced by Portugal Telecom that it would bid for a 3rd license, which at the time was expected to be offered around the middle of last year.

Last year, the country had 6.55 million subscribers, representing a population penetration level of 36%. With a market share of 65%, mCel is the dominant operator followed by Vodacom having 35% of the market share. No progress has been made in the government plans to sell a small stake in Moçambique Celular (mCel) which have been discussed in the past.

Source: Wireless Federation.