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 Friday, 05 December 2008

Latin America, will reach the mark of 388 million mobile lines in service by the end of 2008, accounting for 9.6% of the overall mobile lines in service worldwide, according to a recent report. Brazil is anticipated to have 143.2 million phones, Mexico with 76.9 million and Argentina with 44.8 million lines by the end of this year. The entire population of only Uruguay and Chile is covered whereas in Ecuador and Colombia, the percentage reaches to 84. Bolivia has the lowest mobile coverage, reaching only 45.9% of the countryís population. Argentina has registered a higher mobile penetration than population coverage, with 102.2 mobile phones per 100 inhabitants. At the opposite pole, Peru, Mexico and Brazil exhibit the greatest gap between the population coverage and mobile penetration, the report reveals. Further the report exhibits that nearly seven out of ten countries in Latin America have over 48% prepaid users of the overall mobile lines in service.

In terms of Prepaid subscriptions, Venezuela tops the chart in Latin America with 95% of the total, subsequent to Bolivia with 94.6 percent, Mexico with 90.6 percent, while prepaid users in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil account for over 80 % of the total subscription in each country.

Source: Wireless Federation.