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 Monday, 07 April 2008

Nokia India expects that the country will have 500 million mobile phone users by 2010 - with 60 million of them having mobile video capability and 100 million using mobile music services. Speaking at the Goafest conclave, vice-president and managing director Nokia India, D Shivakumar, salso said that half the subscribers would be accessing the internet via their mobile phone.

He said, “Mobile phones are not just about voice anymore. Services delivered through mobiles would open up a big opportunity for the advertisers in India with a huge untapped potential.”

He broke the market down into three core sections. The top end of the market will be limited to some 50 million customers with mid-range but value oriented customers making up some 150 million subscribers. The third tier, he said is unique to India and would be dominated by low cost basic handsets with minimal functionality.

Source: Cellular News.