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 Monday, 06 April 2009

The three Hungarian mobile operators Pannon, T-Mobile and Vodafone had 526,775 mobile internet subscribers at the end of February, up from 508,000 in January, according to market regulator NHH. Mobile users sent some 769,427 GB of data in February, up from 761,000 GB in January, while average traffic per subscriber also increased to 1.77 GB. T-Mobile’s share of mobile data subscribers stood at 51.96% at the end of February, while Pannon and Vodafone recorded market shares of 24.52% and 23.52%, respectively. Based on the volume of traffic, T-Mobile’s market share was 42.83%, Vodafone’s share equaled 35.14% and Pannon had 22.03% of the market. Accordingly, in February the largest volume of data was transferred by the customers of T-Mobile (274,000 GB), while Vodafone’s customers reached a total volume of 270,000 GB, and Pannon’s customers transmitted 170,000 GB. In February, traffic per subscriber, calculated on the basis of subscriptions involved in data transfer, totaled 2.71 GB in Vodafone’s network, 1.59 GB at Pannon and 1.44 GB at T-Mobile.

Source: Wireless Federation.