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 Friday, 24 February 2012

The number of FTTH/B subscribers worldwide grew 54 percent in the year to June 2011 to almost 67 million. Over the same period the number of homes/buildings passed by fibre networks increased more than 47 percent to almost 179 million, figures from Idate show. When adding other fibre-based technologies such as VDSL, FTTLA and FTTx+LAN, there were 112.7 million subscribers at the end of June 2011 and 361.7 million homes/businesses pass­ed. Japan was the largest FTTH/B market in terms of number of subscribers in June, although Idate expects China will soon take the number one spot. China's three main network operators already make up three of the four largest FTTx providers in the world, alongside Japan's NTT. South Korea came third in FTTH/B subscriber numbers worldwide, followed by the US, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Sweden and France. Idate estimates that the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 68.6 percent of all FTTH/B subscribers at the end of 2011, and this will grow to 72.8 percent by 2015. Over the same period, worldwide subscriber numbers will grow from an estimated 81.77 million to 198.27 million.

Source: Telecom Paper.