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 Monday, 19 July 2010
The German mobile market has registered 1.3 percent growth in the first quarter upto March, according to a study by Dataxis Intelligence. This brings the country's mobile base to over 108 million in Q1, up from 107 million in the year-earlier period. The prepaid mobile subscriptions remain dominant, with prepaid subscribers accounting for 56 percent, down 1 percent compared to their level in 2009, of the 60 million market. As a comparison, in France post-paid customers weigh 72 percent of the country's nearly 57 million market, a pattern much more similar to the US, where 80 percent of mobile market is through contract. But Germany's dominant prepaid model may also be found in mobile markets such as UK with 58 percent of subscribers and overwhelmingly in Italy and Portugal that are traditional prepaid markets.
Source: TelecomPaper