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 Tuesday, 22 April 2008

From data by CCID Consulting, the sales volume in China's mobile phone market is 150 million units in 2007, which is 24.1% more than that of 2006. If black- market mobiles from smuggling, unregistered brands and other illegal products are counted, the number exceeded 200 million in 2007.

Sales & Growth Rate of China Mobile Market 2000-2007

In 2007, over 60% of users changed their mobiles with over 90 million mobiles sold for this purpose. The reasons could be attributed to faster function upgrades, higher performance- price ratio, shorter product life cycle, and customized service by the network operators. The number of new subscriber reached a new record in recent years with over 86 million new subscribers in 2007 and over 7 million per month.

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Source: Cellular News.